We’re happy to take briefings with vendors selling technology products to law enforcement agencies at a local, county, state or federal level. We will use the information you give us in a range of analysis products.

Like analysts in other industries, we’re looking for a brief product overview and a deep dive into how it works.

What It Will Cost
We do not charge for vendor briefings.

What Does The Briefing Look Like?
Usually, unless we’re doing it in-person, briefings are conference calls. If you insist on a PowerPoint presentation that’s okay, but send us the deck (don’t make us sit through it on WebEx). Anyway, we’d rather see a WebEx of a product demo. Send us your company details separately.

How Long The Briefings Are
Typically vendor briefings are 30 to 40 minutes.

What We Want To Know
We’re interested in the technical details, not the marketing, and we’re highly interested in how your product is used on the front lines of law enforcement, how agencies typically pay for it, how much it costs and some reference customers we can speak with.

What Other Information We Need
We need to understand your company – how much venture funding you’ve taken, how many customers you have, who your executives and board are, how many products you make, how long you’ve made it, why you’re the best people in the world to be selling it, that kind of stuff.

Who To Have On The Call
It’s a good idea to have a technical person like a CTO or product manager on the phone – if it’s between the CTO and the CEO, bring the CTO.

To set up a briefing with us, please use the form below.

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