PLI Podcast

Police-Led Intelligence means tapping into the law enforcement community’s deep well of experience to guide how police gather, process, analyze and disseminate intelligence. Each week on the Police-Led Intelligence Podcast (you may also listen on iTunes), we’ll be speaking with stakeholders in the world of law enforcement intelligence. Sometimes we’ll speak with cops, analysts, command staff or others in local, county, state, federal or international law enforcement and the intelligence community. Other times we’ll speak with elected or appointed government officials.

We’ll also speak with executives and researchers at product vendors of products in the industry.  By this we don’t mean just the “law enforcement intelligence industry” because that’d give us a cozy twelve minutes of podcast. Instead, we mean information professionals – those selling into the intelligence community, large enterprises, critical infrastructure and the like.

End-users in private industry – executives at organizations large and small  – will speak with us about how they view intelligence, assess their threat landscape and make defensive (and offensive) decisions.

Social engineers and hackers – black and white hat (that is, good guys and bad guys) – will talk about their methodologies and approaches, to become more familiar with how cyber criminals ply their trade, and how we in law enforcement can get better at identifying and stopping them. And we’ll speak with privacy professionals to determine where are the lines in how far we can go to monitor, and interact, on social media.

By having these conversations and others, we hope to widen the universe of law enforcement professionals and advance the conversation on intelligence and cyber crime.

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