Our First Announcement: Nick & Dave At Law Officer

Posted on 20 June 2011 by


A couple of weeks ago I said that we’d have some announcements, and here’s the first one: Dave and I are the new technology columnists for Law Officer Magazine and will be producing features and other content for LawOfficer.Com.

We’re very excited about our debut column, which is running in the June issue.

We broke the news to the vendors and delegates we spoke with while I was attending the IACP LEIM Training Conference and Exhibition in San Diego this week along with the LOM crew.

The Law Officer Magazine and LawOfficer.com pieces will act as an extension of what we do here: we’ll be talking about technology which is being sold to law enforcement agencies, but we’ll look at it through the lens that we have established on this site. How does it integrate, how easy is it to use, how must does it do to make our jobs easier and make us safer?

LOM has assured us that we can maintain integrity: there’s no pay-for-play, no advertiser-influenced coverage, and we calls-em like we sees-em (and, of course, nothing changes here at PLI).

We’ll be looking at a wide range of tactical and even some strategic technologies: from cooling vests and night vision to in-car video to new ways to buy technology, Dave and I will be doing the monthly column, and what special features we convince our editors to run over at the LOC website.

So here’s a call to our readers: if there are any technology products you’d like to see us review in the pages of LOM, let us know. Vendors, if you’ve got a new whatsit that you want us to spin around the block, with the understanding that if we think it’s awful we probably won’t write about it and if we think its awesome we might, let us know!

Below 100
We’re also thrilled to be able to help LOM with the Below 100 Initiative. Below 100 is a program designed to reduce officer in-the-line-of-duty deaths across the US.

It’s been more than 65 years since the annual number of line-of-duty police deaths was fewer than 100. Law Officer’s Below 100 initiative will change that by concentrating on areas that can most effectively save officers’ lives. An awareness campaign, combined with a training program, Below 100 will provide a commonsense solution to driving down a number that has remained too high for too long.

Dave and I will be speaking with the law enforcement and vendor communities to find ways that technology may be able to advance this important goal.

So that is the first of a couple of announcements. PLI will remain non-commercial, and we’re delighted that we’ve received several solid leads on writers and columnists. Let us know what you think of this announcement, using the contact form or the comment box.