The LEIM Conference; LulzSec, InfraGard, and San Diego

Posted on 14 June 2011 by


So I’m in San Diego, CA for the 35th Annual IACP Law Enforcement Information Management Training Conference & Exposition here at the unfathomably unhip Hilton San Diego Bayfront (diet Coke: $5) and there are some very interesting technologies I’m taking a closer look at today.

By the way, Alex Bond (@bond_alexander on Twitter) sent me a link yesterday to an excellent article at Police Chief Magazine by Mark Bowser, Ben Lewis, Jan Fuller, and James Emerson, Computer Crime and Digital Evidence: What Every Police Chief Should Know, which asks as its first sentence the excellent question,

Name one major crime that has nothing to do with digital evidence.

Thanks, Alex – by the way, reaching out to us on the Twitter is a great way to stay in touch – we’re @policeledintel.

I digress.

So I made the rounds of the exhibit hall yesterday evening; I’m here with the folks from Law Officer Magazine (more on that in a while) and I had some very interesting preliminary conversations with some technology vendors as well as the people from Law Enforcement Online. Speaking of federally run websites, I suppose that I should absolutely mention yesterday’s announcement by the illegal hacker group Lulzsec, which infiltrated the webservers of the US Senate and posted the main webserver configuration file online. This on the heels of another recent high-profile hack by Lulzsec of the FBI’s InfraGard Atlanta site.

Government sites are going to have to get out of the early 1990s when it comes to their configuration if they intend not to get owned.

I digress again.

Here’s some of the products I will be looking at over the next day or so (Police Led Intelligence does not take money or consideration to mention or discuss products – if you have questions, contact us):

  • Man & Machine Inc I spoke with Matthew Grayson, the public safety guy at this rugged keyboard manufacturer (“Bagel and coffee proof!”) about his new patrol car rugged, flat, lightweight, silent, backlit keyboard. The thing looks outstanding, and they’re going to send me over some samples to play with and report on.
  • 3i:Mind These guys make an OSINT gathering and visualization/munging platform that looks interesting as all get out.
  • Feeling Software These Canadians are doing some extraordinary things with 3-D mapping and video management; they enhance 3D map views of your city with video and other context including ShotSpotter alerts and a whole range of other inputs. As you, for example, move through the city map, video appears where it’s available. Very Minority report from the technology standpoint, and I like these guys because it’s a self-funded startup (no venture funding).
  • Brother has a new, itty-bitty in-car printer that it claims produces 6 pages per minute of 8-1/2″ x 11″ high-resolution black-and-white onto 20lb thermal paper – the kind that won’t curl up and roll under the car seat. This seems like a great advance for in-car printing of things like Amber Alerts, warrants, subpoenas and other full-sized paper documents.
  • First Watch is another interesting entrant in the police information management industry, taking (it claims) information from a range of law enforcement technologies like computer-aided dispatch, records management systems and “others” and providing real-time statistical analysis and alerting.

More from the floor!