Police-Led Intelligence: In the Top 30 10 Fastest Growing Blogs

Posted on 30 May 2011 by


Not sure how to say, ‘Thank you’ but we just saw that the Police-Led Intelligence website has been added (at Number 28 Number 6!) to the list of the fastest growing blogs on WordPress.com.

If we read it right, we’re among the Top 30Top 10 fastest growing out of the more than 20.3 million WordPress-powered blogs.

To us, of course, even a mention on the list is an enormous honor.

We’re also really excited about the idea of taking on new writers and covering new areas, and hope that the growth will continue with some new blood in the mix.

For more on how to become a contributor or editor, see this post.

This week when we start to announce some of the new writers who have come on board, and some of the new projects that Dave and I are proud to be a part of, we’ll be very careful not to forget that this non-commercial, advertiser free blog is becoming popular only because of its commitment to stay that way.

Thank you very much for your support.

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