The Week Ahead

Posted on 25 April 2011 by


The last week has been something of a whirlwind for Dave and me; Dave’s been slammed on a big investigation which has kept him somewhat to moderately hostile, and I’ve been traveling like a lunatic. Last week I got to London to attend CounterTerror Expo and InfoSec UK, and also to put the finishing touches on a document we’re producing for our heretofore-unannounced alter-ego, CSG Analysis. More on that, and some very cool stuff I saw at CTE and InfoSec, next week.

Then I headed to Munich on personal business. I write from Heathrow Airport outside London, where I am boarding in a few minutes to fly to the US; from there I fly to Vancouver for the IACA Spring Symposium, where I’ll speak on the differences between corporate and police intelligence operations and some ways that the two can better help one another.

I’m in San Francisco later this week meeting with some law enforcement technology vendors, and finally getting home Friday.

Meantime, we’ve got some interesting stuff for you this week: the Intel Intelligencer, which will post either late tonight or tomorrow, will discuss asset forfeiture and intelligence, based on some controversy around the stuff we did two weeks ago with Paddy Ryder from the NCPD. It’s long – a two-parter at 3000 words – but I think worth it.

On Wednesday our podcast with Chief Brandon Perkins of the Tyrone, GA police department will air. Then Thursday we’ll have some wrap ups of CounterTerror Expo, some thoughts on Infosec, and on Friday the Metric of the Week.

Enjoy the week!

PS: Our podcast with Frank Zimring didn’t get nearly as much in the way of outraged comments as we’d expected. What are y’all, asleep? Check it out