The Week That Was: 28 March-1 April 2011

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Our second week saw two new podcasts, Part III of a two-part series on interviewing and intelligence, links to some great new works on intel from a variety of sources, and, in the metric of the week, some interesting new data on NFL football, upset victories and family violence.

Also, we launched another podcast – this time with no guests, just Nick and Dave yammering away – on the topic of law enforcement technology: what cops want, what they need, and what they hate (the answer might surprise you).

We also started blogging on some news items, and we will continue to do that here and there, now and then.

Highlights of the week:

The Intel Intelligencer: Berman (Domestic Intel); McEwen (Mobile); Eways (Gang Intel)


Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: there is a duality, a dichotomy, present in many of the aspects of things we use in our law enforcement careers. Like a hammer – which can be used to build a house or kill someone – many of the tools we use have a double-edged nature.… [Read more…]

As Easy As Parenting, Part III: Bridge-Building in the Community

conversationIn Part I of this series, Dave described how officers should use their interviewing techniques not just on suspects, but on everyone they come in contact with in the community. In Part II, Dave set forth his personal philosophy and tactics for conducting non-hostile, non-custody interviews. Your mileage may vary, but this is how Dave does… [Read more…]

PLI Podcast: Brian Krebs on Cybercrime, Cyber criminals, Botnets and Skimmers

krebsBrian Krebs is the independent investigative journalist behind the Krebs on Security blog, which covers cybercrime. Krebs was, for 14 years, a reporter at The Washington Post, where he ran one of the most widely-read columns on cyber crime and cyber criminals until he left in 2009 to establish his own blog. Krebs on Security… [Read more…]

PLI Podcast: Mike Murray, MAD Security

Mike Murray of MAD Security“The fundamental element of all of social engineering is to create a context in which whatever I want you to do is natural behavior for you.” – Mike Murray As computer systems become more complex, criminals have analyzed the risk:rewards ratio for buying malware and creating specialized technical attacks. In a future podcast we’ll talk… [Read more…]

PLI Podcast: The Three Golden Rules of Law Enforcement Technology

interior clutterWhile it’s mainly about intelligence, by definition this blog is also quite often about how technology is used by law enforcement professionals to advance intelligence. As we gear up to launch our podcast, Henderson and I thought we’d start looking at something pretty fundamental: how do cops view technology?  [Read more…]

Metric of the week: Card and Dahl on Upset Losses and Family Violence

footballThe metric of the week is one that refers to a phenomenon that cops have sensed forever: family violence – specifically male to female violence – rises when a team that’s been heavily favored to win an NFL football game loses. The authors, David Card and Gordon B Dahl, state that two other recent studies… [Read more…]