Intel On The Cheap: Frequent Flier Programs

Posted on 26 February 2011 by


A Frequent Flier or BOLO blog is free, easy and secure on WordPress

A few months ago an analyst from a small law enforcement agency posted on the Google LEANALYST mailing list that she had been creating a Frequent Flier Program – that is, a crook-book of those customers regularly requesting service – using PowerPoint, but after a while, it was becoming cumbersome.

She was also looking for a better way to handle their BOLO – Be On the Lookout – files when they needed to push something out to their officers.

That day I went to, and set up a free account. Because I wanted this to be used as a sample site for the people on the mailing list, I set the privacy to “Allow people to view but block from search engines.”

The other choices WordPress gives you on new accounts are, “Let anyone see and allow search engines” and “Only let people I say access this blog.”

Had this been an actual agency blog, I would have of course limited the selection to the last choice, “Only let people I say access this blog”. This creates a password-protected site that up to 30 people may view with individual credentials.

In literally five minutes I made a BOLO page for a fictional criminal wanted for a fictional crime. I made my bad guy, Cesar Hassenpfeffer, a nice page with priors and a photo (which one can click through on to see full size.

I made a category of BOLO. Since it’s WordPress, you can make and edit any categories you want, and make different page themes or layouts for different categories, so “frequent fliers”, BOLO, Fugitives, etc etc etc…

It’s all free, and instantly accessible to only those you authorize. It’s a great solution for agencies with no development money, looking for a professional-looking way to disseminate agency information. Security is reasonable (though it’s obviously not to be used for anything classified above “Law Enforcement Sensitive”)

You can view the sample page here: